Wednesday, 4 September 2013

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Thursday, 20 June 2013

Golden Palms Village, Perfect For You Damac Akoya

Are you frustrated from the busy life of living near a highway and listening to car horns and crèches of other vehicles down the road instead of watching your favorite show in television? And are you looking for any quiet place to shift your home? Away from the chaotic horns and roaring of vendors? Then we can show you the place you are looking for. Our Mini township – The Golden Palm Village by IITL and Nimbus Group. Damac Akoya Price The facilities we give are just made according to your requirement. Collect your copy of “ The Golden Palms Village Project Brochure” today. And join us with The Golden Palms Village Pre Launch seminar to know more about it. Damac Akoya The Golden Palms village is in Sector-22A, Yamuna Express way, Noida. This mini township of ours will take you a different world , away from the noises and the chaotic sounds. You can get your dream home apartments of two bedrooms, two bedrooms and study room combined and three bedroom apartments. There is a bustling club Hall which offers various recreational activities ranging from the morning Yoga, Gym (for boys, girls and people of all age groups) there is basic exercise room and the exercise and yoga session in park in the campus area. There is a separate swimming pool area. The swimming pools for children and adults are different. And there are professional swimmers who will guide the persons who do not swimming. You can go and swim there or you can just lie by the side the pool to get the perfect tan and soaking the sun. The facility of enjoying your cool drink and snack with that sun-soaking body is also available from the bar cum restaurant available just near the pool. The Golden Palms Villages’ luxurious 3BHK and 2BHK apartments are presented to you in nine blocks with parking space according to your need. There is power supply 24X7 even in the long power cuts. And the water supply is available all without any disruption or delay. Damac Akoya Rates The Golden Palms Village floor plans will be done as you wish your apartment to look. The furnishing of the floors will be done by the best workers in that field. The Golden Palms Village’s price are in your budget and are cheaper compared to other apartments which don’t provide the facilities we provide. The most important thing you are wondering now is that of the security. We can assure you no-theft zone with our security personals watching and protecting your most valuable investment viz. your home. You can check out “The Golden Palms Village Reviews “ I our website to know about our previous projects and the responses from the customers we served. The Golden Palms Village Noida is the new address of your home with world class facilities and cheaper prices. Damac Akoya The special price discounts will be available to the 1st 149 persons, so book your appointment with our agents who are eager to serve to from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. on weekdays i.e from Monday to Saturday. You can check your discounts and your booking number in our website under the tag “The Golden Palms Village Rate”. The Golden Palms Village Yamuna Expressway gives you your dream home. For any further query check “The Golden Palms Village review” in our official page.